Islamic Outreach

Islamic Community Outreach of California

The Islamic Community Outreach of California was established in 2008. It is a 501 (c) (3) corporation, based in Walnut Creek, California. Our mission is to present Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims as a religion of peace, dedicated to worshiping Allah (God) and serving our local community. Since 2001, we have been engaged in a constructive dialogue with faith groups and educational and professional institutions as well as individuals seeking knowledge about Islam. Based on these contacts and questions raised about Islam, we wrote a book titled "Understanding Islam: Fifty Questions" which is published by the Big Hat Press, Walnut Creek, CA. Because we are a community-based organization, we do not solicit donations from or engage in activities outside of the United States. In addition to explaining Islam, promoting a constructive dialogue, and strengthening cooperation within the faith communities, the goal of this book is to generate awareness of the Islamic Community Outreach of California as well as to raise funds and contributions for our organization.

Our shared history as Americans has taught us that individual respect and honest dialogue have been among the greatest strengths of our nation. One of our main objectives as an organization is to strengthen the relationships between American Muslims and their local communities. We encourage American Muslims to become active members of their local community organizations.